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You must choose a username and password to complete your registration. You are responsible for all
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If there are any changes to the details supplied by you it is your responsibility to inform www.cyoffers.com, as
soon as possible.
We hold the right to close user accounts at any time, if you are in breach of the applicable laws.

Purchases & Pricing

All purchases are warranty covered, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Please, see below the
policies for Warranty Coverage. We will clearly mark the length of the warranty, or even other warranty details,
on every item, so please be sure to read it.
All pricing posted for items on www.cyoffers.com are valid for internet purchases only and include the legally
applicable VAT, according to the current legislation.
A purchase with the name CYOFFERS, will appear in your bank statement if your payment is processed
through PayPal.


We list availability of all items on our website, but this may not always be correct, due to offline sales, or
defective items, or any other reasons. We do our best to keep the stock correctly updated, but due to possible
mistakes, please note that we will not charge you until your order is processed. As we process your order, we
will inform you if any products turn out to be out of stock.


We aim to dispatch all items in 2 working days. In some occasions there may be further delay. If this delay
exceeds 5 working days, we will inform you. In the unlikely event that your purchased items turn to be out of
stock, you will also be informed.
We currently ship ONLY to Cyprus
Shipping fees: Please refer to Shipping Info or see the fees as your products are added in your shopping cart

Returns & Replacements

If you think there's a problem with your product, we suggested you firstly Google your problem to find out if
other people are experiencing the same fault, and if there is a simple fix, or if you are doing something wrong.
Reference the manufacturer's website and try to contact them and ask if they know a fix.
If you give up and must return it to us, then please be sure returned goods are faulty and the problem
experienced is not caused by user error or by software configuration. If after having received Technical
Support information you are completely sure you have faulty goods, please request an RMA form (Return
Merchandise Authorization) by emailing info@cyoffers.com with your order number. We will respond with
return authorization. Any goods that have been modified or physically altered in any way shall be deemed
Warranty Void. Returned items should be packaged properly and shipped to us through a courier. The
customer is responsible for cost of returning the goods.
We reserve the right to make a 15% restocking charge for any goods which are not returned in mint condition
or to refuse to accept such goods, at our sole discretion. Your statutory rights are not affected.
Warranty is void if there is physical damage to the product.
All returned items will be tested by our technicians. Any item found not to be faulty will be subject to an up to
€15 charge + shipping back to the customer. You will be notified by e-mail before any non-faulty goods are
returned to you.
We are unable to refund and/or replace software and consumables that are opened box. Please ensure
compatibility with your system before ordering.


You may cancel your order at any time prior to your order being processed by using the contact form on
the website. We can also accept cancellations by telephoning +357 24821820, during normal office hours.
Once your order is dispatched, you can no longer cancel it. You can of course, return the product you bought
following our Returns Policy as described above. We reserve the right to make a charge for collecting goods
from your premises in circumstances where they are not defective but you have cancelled your order. Your
statutory rights are not affected.


This limited guarantee is provided to the consumer of the product (“the Client”). Your statutory rights are not
The duration of the warranty is according to the manufacturer’s instructions and under no circumstances
shorter than 12 months. It is valid from the date of purchase of the product. If the product is replaced the
duration of the warranty shall continue for the remaining part of the warranty period.
During the warranty period, we will repair or replace the defective product upon our discretion, or according
to the manufacturer’s guidelines. In case of repair, the defective part will be fixed or changed. The term “part”
means all parts of the product including its main chip (engine). All replaced components or other equipment
which have been replaced may be returned or kept.
This limited warranty does not apply for natural wear and tear. Also, it does not apply if:
1. The defect was caused because the product has been subject to use in a manner not conforming
to the instructions of the manufacturer, abuse, if it was exposed to humidity or extreme hot or
environmental conditions, or sudden changes in such conditions, corrosion, rusting, non-authorized
modifications or connections, non-authorized opening or repair, repair with the use of non-authorized
spare parts, misuse, unsuitable installation, accident, natural phenomena, which are beyond the
reasonable control CYOFFERS, (including for instance defects in the department of consumable
parts such as batteries, which as a rule have a limited life) unless the defect was caused directly
because of the use of defective materials, designs or workmanship.
2. CYOFFERS was not notified by the client of the defect within thirty (30) days from the onset of the
defect during the applicable warranty period,
3. The product was not returned to CYOFFERS within thirty days from the onset of the defect during
the warranty period,
4. The product serial number, the identifying date code, or the IMEI number, have been removed,
deleted, defaced or altered or are illegible,
5. The defect was caused by a defective network operation,
6. The defect was caused by the fact that the product was used or was connected to a computer not
compatible to the technical specifications of the appliance,
7. The product software requires upgrading because of modifications in the network parameters or
modifications of the product software by a non-authorized person,
8. The defect is due to a file or programme which has been installed in the internal or external memory
of the appliance,
9. The product has not been checked by the technical department of CYOFFERS to establish and
verify the defect of the appliance.
The limited warranty shall be valid only if the client presents the original product purchase receipt and delivers
the product to CYOFFERS.
For any problems of the appliance not referred to above, the company shall not be liable for their repair. The
company is only liable to inform the client and to request consent for additional charges.
If the warranty for a defective appliance has expired or if the appliance has not been purchased from
CYOFFERS and the repair costs do not exceed €35 (including VAT), no prior consent is required from the
client for its repair.
No warranty is provided for water damages.
The Company has no liability whatsoever for any complete or partial loss of personal data during the repair of
the appliance. The exclusive liability for saving personal data, burdens solely the lawful user of the product.
Also, the Company has no liability whatsoever for the partial or complete loss of data, which may be due to a
defect of the electronic appliance, whether this is due to a manufacturing fault, or due to a user’s fault.
In case the client does not collect the items he/she has brought in for repair within three months, then the
company shall not be liable for their safe keeping.
The products of CYOFFERS are covered by warranty either by the company itself or by the legal
representative in Cyprus, or the official representative within the territory of the European Union.
All consumables or components of a product (for instance chargers, batteries, headphones, inks etc) are
covered by a warranty for good function, for a limited period (usually not exceeding three months).
This limited warranty is valid for appliances which have been sold by CYOFFERS. In case of a defect of the
appliance, the client is obliged to deliver the appliance to us.
The company guarantees, that any product is, at the time of its original purchase, free of defects in
manufacturing, materials, design and workmanship, under the above terms and conditions.


Registered users are permitted to post reviews on products. You acknowledge that any review, feedback
or rating which you leave may be published and agree that it may be displayed for as long as we consider
appropriate and that the content may be syndicated to other www.cyoffers.com sites and publications. You
grant www.cyoffers.com and its affiliate companies a non-exclusive, royalty-free worldwide license to use or
edit any reviews posted by you. We reserve the right to publish, edit or remove any reviews without notifying
You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless against any claim or action brought by third parties, arising out
of or in connection with any feedback, ratings or reviews posted by you on the website, including the violation
of their privacy or intellectual property rights.


This section applies only to the extent permitted by law.
CYOFFERS, does not accept liability for any errors and omissions and reserves the right to change
information, prices, specifications and descriptions of listed goods, products and services.
In the unlikely event that you receive goods which were not what you ordered or which are damaged or
defective, or are of a different quantity to that stated on your order form, CYOFFERS shall, at its own option,
make good any shortage or non-delivery, replace or repair any damaged or defective goods, or refund to you
the amount you paid for the goods in question PROVIDED THAT you notify us of the problem in writing (by
post or e-mail), at the address stated in the invoice received with your order, within 10 days of delivery of the